Screencasts introducing R and how it can be used by epidemiologists.

I’ve prepared some video tutorials to walk you through the material on this site. This page lists presentations based on the introductory slide set. The slides for this material can be found here.

Why R?

This screencast introduces the R statistical computing environment for epidemiologists, describes what some folks are doing with R and explains why the program is of interest to epidemiologists.

Installing R.

A walkthrough of downloading and installing R and RStudio, as well as a brief tour of the R-related material on my website.

Using R as a Calculator.

This video is perhaps the most immediate introduction to R, showing how to use the program as a glorified calculator by submitting commands directly from the R console.

The R Text Editor.

How to use the bundled Windows or Mac text editor to submit commands to R, so you can save and document your work flow. This is the approach I take throughout the remainder of the course.

A Birds-Eye View of R Part 1

A very quick overview of how to navigate around R, working with a small dataset, doing some calculations both directly and by using R functions.

A Birds-Eye View of R Part 2

A very quick introduction to what working with R packages for epidemiology looks like. In this case, the R "epitools" package and it's "epitab" function.

R Help

How to search for R help topics online and use built-in R help functions.

Saving your files

A description of the R workspace. How to determine the location of your current workspace and list what it contains and how to save objects in your workspace as an R data file.